November 09 , 2017 get-pampered

Is Getting Married for You?

Ask yourself these simple questions and with the most honest truthful words that you can pull out from deep in  your gut, give yourself your reply.
Do you really believe in weddings? I mean really , deep down inside, believe in the dress, the flowers, candles, favors, shoes, 1st dance, cakes, food, bridesmaids, groomsmen, photos, videos, hair, makeup, extra gifts, parties etc. etc. ?
Do you feel that it’s all worth it … Just for one day…?
Will you still love your betrothed? the snoring, the bad habits, the corny laugh, the fact that one day shape shifting will take place , if you are lucky, in the form of sagging and bulging , hair loss at one end will be replaced by hair gained at an other.
Are you in it for the fashion statement of marriage and the wedding process or are you genuinely committed to seeing things through with your partner, together, to stand by each other when trouble comes barging through your lives, to respect each other’s differences and accept that you cannot control or change them or their character , nor should this be done to you.

If you’re still in love…



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